Production capacity

The company operates in the field of metal manufacturing and light carpentry and is equipped with laser cutting, robotic welding and welding wire, MIG/TIG technology as well as braze welding.

Metalnova has facilities in the field of surface treatment of metals through the organization within the factory of implants for chromium plating, galvanizing and powder coating.

The production site covers an area of 30,000 m2, of which 10,000 m2 are indoor, using qualified workers monitored by trained staff and qualified technicians.

Inside the company there is also a laboratory for testing mechanical controls and manage electrical payments.



BLM E-Turn tube bending machine with CNC controls, E-Turn electronic system with 14 controlled axes.


Warcom press 50 tons equipped with CNC controls, simulation of the bending sequence. Bending elements with three automatic and two manual axes. Maximum bending length 3000mm.


Farina cutting machine with cutting width up to 3000mm and thickness up to 6mm, high speed, different types of support for faster production.


Pedrazzoli BEND Master 42 MRV IMS tube bending machine with variable radius, automatic axis and work cycle synchronization, flexible machine with solid mechanical structure.


ABB 1200 automatic welding robot for precision welding work and increased work productivity, with six automated axes.

ROSS Presses

We have the following presses – Ross press 35 tons, Ross press 75 tons, Ross press 105 tons, Ross press 200 tons.

ADIGE Cutting Line

Automatic machine for straight cut at the right size. It is equipped with a deburring system, with the possibility of cutting the different sizes at the same time.

Moser DA-667

Moser DA-667 sheet metal bending machine up to 160 tons, with bending length up to 3000 mm, equipped with CNC controls (Delem), 4 automated axes, development of computer programs by applying Profile-T Software.