• 1980

    Metalnova is founded. At the beginning, it produced and supplied electric heating elements to the IRCA company (Zoppas Industries Group).
  • 1980s

    Company sets up its own technical department with the aim to develop internally the design and engineering of dies for the production of components and parts in sheet metal. Strengthened by this combined experience, the production of electric heating elements and the development of the sheet metal, Metalnova decides to produce its first own ironing system with a pressurized boiler for household use.
  • 1990s

    The consolidation (birth of the continuous recharge system and of the heated suction ironing board) – in the early 90s Metalnova gave rise to the greatest innovation in the field of domestic ironing - the “Genius” system, the first ironing system which combines the advantages of the steam generated by a pressurized boiler with the advantages of an “instantaneous” system.
  • 1992

    Another innovation: the production of “Compact”, the first heated ironing board for household semi-professional use, that permits the user to reduce the ironing time, thanks to the combined effect of the ironing top heating and the steam suction.
  • 2000s

    Distribution agreements with some of the most important producers of house-holds appliances. Metalnova was the strategic partner for the Italian market and successfully helped brands like Sodastream, Graef, Solac and BWT to internationalize their operations.
  • 2005

    Relocation of the production to Bosnia-Herzegovina (Banja Luka) with a robust investment. The new production facility has the highest quality equipment and modern manufacturing procedures.
  • 2008

    Set up of General Steel doo, a new venture for light carpentry, metal machining and surface treatment.
  • 2013

    Acquisition of TMD (today DAL CIN doo). A company specialized in the production of outdoor/indoor furniture.